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The Best Food Spots at Jewel Changi Airport

Where to eat at Jewel Changi airport? Singapore Changi Airport was named the best in the world for the seventh consecutive year. It is also in seventh place in terms of transportation: in 2018 alone, Changi received more than 65 million passengers.


The airport opened a 10-storey Jewel Changi Airport complex, where 280 shops and restaurants, recreation areas and attractions, hotel and designer installations, valleys, forests and flowering gardens, 2500 trees, and 100 000 bushes from all over the world.


The centerpiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex. Every evening, the 40-meter water giant turns into a vibrant sound show.


Visit Jewel cafes and restaurants


If you don’t know what to eat at Jewel Changi Airport, here’s a complete list of restaurants at Jewel Changi Airport.


Several hundred cafes, restaurants, and bistros are located on the vast territory of the new Singapore complex at Changi Airport. And if you think Chinese cuisine is predominant there, prepare to be surprised.


At Changi Airport’s Jewel, you can easily find popular fast food such as KFC and Burger King, a Tiger Street Lab corner with Singapore craft beers, fine European pastry shops, and many others.


Whatever cuisine you like – Japanese, Italian, Scandinavian, Indian, but at least Peruvian! – you will definitely not leave the dining area of ​​Jewel Changi Airport hungry or unhappy.


Shake shack


Here, on the 5th level, to the delight of fans of the burger chain, a two-story Shake Shack has opened. Various goods will also be sold here.


Shake Shack offers delicacies such as the signature Shack Burger and Shack Cargo Dog.


Oh, and say goodbye to your diet: how can you resist the exclusive offerings of Singaporean desserts and drinks Pandan Shake, Jewela Melaka Concrete, and Shack Attack Concrete.

Beauty in The Pot food chain


Hot Pot is an ancient tradition and lifestyle of modern Asia. Unsurprisingly, he also appeared here at Jewel Changi.


Hogo, or Chinese samovar (hot pot) in translation from Chinese – “hot pot”. The cooking method is very simple: a metal “pot” with boiling broth is placed in the center of the table, and raw ingredients are next to it so that it is convenient to add and cook them in the broth.


SORA Japan Gourmet Food Hall


This is the largest restaurant where you can definitely find what to eat at Jewel Changi Airport. It seats 300, and the menu includes popular dishes such as sashimi, okonomiyaki, and fusion.


Why this place is unique


The space of Jewel Changi Airport includes not only numerous shops, IMAX cinemas, cafes, and restaurants with cuisines of different nations. This is something much more: inside there was a place for parks, gardens, attractions, and even unique art objects that you would rather expect to see in a fashionable contemporary art gallery than on the territory of the airport.


Jewel Changi Airport does more than just expand the capabilities of existing air harbor terminals. This is a new cultural and leisure space where nature, shopping, and entertainment are organically intertwined. No one left this place without any impression, and personal “WOW Effect”.



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