How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost in Singapore

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Every pet owner has experienced great times and the not so great times with their pet. There are many fantastic moments to be had with your lovely pets, but there will also be unpleasant times when your pet might get sick or might hurt itself. In that case, you will have to visit a vet. How much does a vet visit cost in Singapore?

How much does a vet visit cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, the vet costs can differ, depending on the type of service that the vet provides. It might happen that your pet will need rehabilitation after a nasty injury or disease. That is where the vets fromĀ RehabVet come in. The initial consultation for rehab and physiotherapy will cost you S$215. That is where you will be able to discuss and convey your wishes to your vet, while also, they will check your pet with assessments like testing the range of motion and checking for pains.

Vets in Singapore also offer rehabilitation and physiotherapies. You can pay for these hours individually, or you can order them in packages. For example, a single physiotherapy session with RehabVet will cost you S$180 per pet. If you want to order more courses, you can request a package of 10 rehab sessions. The size of a dog determines the price of the package; for smaller and medium dog sizes, a bundle of 10 sessions will cost you S$1300 per pet, while for larger breeds, it can cost you S$1550 for a package of 10 sessions.

If your pet has cancer, you can decide to treat it with immunotherapy. Many vets offer this option, and with RehabVet, immunotherapy costs S$1700. Although it might be costly, it is a good idea to provide treatments for cancer in pets.

A treatment option that is more and more popular for rehabilitation is swimming. RehabVet offers swimming lessons for S$70 per session, but you can get it for cheaper if you order a package of 5 sessions. These cost S$290.

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