Choosing a study table for kids with storage

Choosing a study table for kids with storage

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Children studying in school use a large number of books and other items. For each subject which they study, they have textbooks and notebooks, where they keep notes of the topics which they are being taught. Additionally they have drawing books, story books and other reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias. Many students are also using tablets and laptops for studies. While there are a large number of tables available, most of the tables do not have enough storage. So the student is forced to keep all items on the top of the table, so there is no space for writing comfortably. Hence storage space is one of the most important considerations while choosing a study table for kids in Singapore.


Tables without storage

Though there are a wider range of study tables without storage space available at a lower cost, there are several reasons why it is important to purchase a study table with adequate storage for the child. If the table has no storage, the child will keep most of the items in another storage space like a rack, shelf in the vicinity or on the table surface. This will make the table look very cluttered and leave very less free space. Students have to do a lot of writing work on the table like their homework or practising for exams. To write comfortably there should be enough free space to move their hands and arms freely on the table. If there are many items on the table, there will be less free space and the child will not study comfortable



While the parent can provide storage space for the child elsewhere, he will have to get up every time he requires a different book or other item. This will result in wastage of time and also reduce the concentration of the child on his studies. Additional furniture will have to be purchased for storing the books and other items. In addition to costing money, this furniture for storage will also add to the clutter in the house. So it is better to purchase a study table with plenty of storage space, since it is cost effective and the child can retrieve the books he requires easily and quickly.


The table can have storage shelves above and below the table depending on the design of the table. Usually there are multiple shelves located above the table top, utilizing the free space efficiently, which would otherwise be wasted. The only limitation for the number of shelves is the stability, so lighter items should be stored in the shelves. There are also some drawers or shelves located below the table top. The drawers are suitable for keeping items which should be locked, while the shelves are suitable for books, files and other items which should be easily retrieved. 



The design of the shelves should be checked before the study table is purchased. The height of each shelf should be more than the height of the largest book. The study table should have a separate retractable drawer for keeping pens, rulers, erasers, pencils and other items. 

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